Sunday, January 1, 2012

TreeWatch -Mumbai city area,


Jan 1st,  2012.

"Hasten Slowly & Observe"
Just returned froma Mumbai -Shirdi trip.
Greetings on the morning of 2012 ..first post on this blog.
In a busy metro like Mumbai -often called a concrete jungle , it is wonderful and also amazing to see so many Banyan Trees  spread all across nurtured from near Gateway of India, Colaba  to Oval Maidan to Crawfort Market ..
-Mumbai is an unusual city for Nature Watch-.
I was staying in city area this time and walked a bit around/ in Metro-Marine Drive -Oval Maidan- Colaba- Gateway area and was able to quietly observe some things, which are  often just glanced by or even missed in Rush Time of city life.
Perhaps age also adds in an ability to stop & Appreciate-
"Hasten Slowly & Observe" pics Nos 1-7 ..being posted.
001-- -Banyan , Peepal & Indian Beech grow in Peace together, in a tiny cemented enclosure on the road near my office (Vithaldas Thackersay Marg - new Marine lines, Mumbai)
 New Badam trees ; Saplings planted on Marine Drive-

ps--take a Tree Watch walk and see for yourself