Tuesday, April 24, 2012

22nd April 2012.
Was able to keep my resolutions for Earth Day...( over the last week  )
Tree Watch & care- with and Garden maintenence was taken up with greater purpose and care.
Got some advice also from  from the Horticulture Dept. Then finally got some manual labour to help, but---with some difficulty  The last 2 years  have been a series of eye openers in Plant &Tree Care.
Many valuable lessons learnt.
1. Worked in the Garden-cleared, weeded out  and renewed the soil /nutrition with fresh red earth with micronutrients and Organo. Creeper plants &Climbers esp Malli were properly arranged to have support.
Pests -Insects Rodents and Monsoon effect leaves a lot of damge that as to be rectified.  
2. Sprayed neem oil pesticides where ever possible -Neemsutra and Neem Guard & Neem Oil
3.Transferred the  Butterfly Tree sapling from Anandashram Kanhangad (to the earth --on easter side Trees,
4. Banana Trees cleared and good ones retained- to ensure sunlight, warmth, and well-drained soil. The cut banana stems -inner core as the vegetable -Tender banana stems (Vaal thandu-Tamil / Gabbo in konkani) Pieces distributed all  around--a good vegetable used in south and is recommended  for UT & kidney cleaning .
5. Carefully inspected my Neem Tree and took Bark Sample samples -Arranged for  analysis-(sent) -as excess brown powdering seen at lower 4 feet -(may be Soil nutrition is lost with time -added Micronutrients). Will decide soon on further treatment as this is a new experience for me (6. Consult the Horticulture dept. again on Tree care ref my observations (Tree Watch -Ref ). Termites also suspected  but not seen -only powder?
6.Neem Tree was Sprayed with  termite protection, by  professional support using a backpack tank -and sprayer.
7.Organised a Compost Drum with Organic only (leaves etc) -will have  to see how this works out.
8 Reassessed the Garbage Management on my Road--spoke to the Dept. staff and a few neighbours-- but frankly this is a sad ...pathetic story--of indifference. Whats wrong with us ? Civic Sense whither--??,Anyway must go on..will strive.
9. FInally re-aranged all plants in the pots to get   a balance in Sunlight, Air , Space and Drainage--in some cases  changed the soil  -re -potting as soil nutrition and drainage some times gets choked and earth hardens in the pot .
Gardening can be great fun for grandparents, family and young children - and and an opportunity to commune with nature and it relaxes us. Watering a garden, digging and helping is a part of SUPW in some schools and  is a delight  for a child of  any age.
Watching a plant grow and a flower bloom is sheer joy- Sitting out on a a porch or on a verandah after 6 pm is so restful- esp watching the trees & plants. I was happy to see today my dear sister' s prized plant stalk  the  April Lily blooming-2 on a stalk after a long time -
Also, Malli on a bush tranferred to a another pot with fresh earth- and the bottom cut  opento allow roots to go into the soil , -Today 3 buds have come on the plant -- despite Chennai's  temperatures  of 38 deg C..
Truly as the poet said " A thing of Beauty is a Joy for ever "
Gardening is a nice hobby and a pastime of value to all- has therapeutiv value, soothes nerves and the Mind is  really at peace.Here in India, generally it is too often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life -India Today?
Space limitation is ackd--but 5 plants in pots kept on a porch or verandah is a good gardening  start -and brings in much beauty and joy.
The ambience is also much improved.
Ficus  Ephiphytes on a wall nearby -appears !! Even one in a Pot with Tilasi-
Who grows and why it grows is a Mystery & Marvel of Nature, to be Appreciated-The final Baghban in Creation is the Divine alone.
no other explanation---OM Prakriti Namaha
Rgds all-

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

EARTH Prayer from a Red Indian--

All Tribes and ancients respected Mother Earth as Sacred -
this is a prayer from the Ute Indian Tribe.

Earth Teach Me to Remember...

Earth teach me stillness, as the grasses are stilled with light.

Earth teach me suffering, as old stones suffer with memory.

Earth teach me humility, as blossoms are humble with beginning.

Earth Teach me caring, as the mother who secures her young.

Earth teach me courage, as the tree which stands alone.

Earth teach me limitation, as the ant which crawls on the ground.

Earth teach me freedom, as the eagle which soars in the sky.

Earth teach me resignation, as the leaves which die in the fall.

Earth teach me regeneration, as the seed which rises in the spring.

Earth teach me to forget myself, as melted snow forgets its life.

Earth teach me to remember kindness, as dry fields weep in the rain.

UTE ~ North American Prayer

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prithvi पृथ्वी our Earth Mother

Prithvi पृथ्वी our Earth Mother

4rd April 2012.
Starting a series on 5 Elements " Pancha Mahabhutas" 001

Salutations to Earth Mother
Prithvi  पृथ्वी our Earth Mother --is the personification of -where we stand on, grow on and live In Pancha Mahabhutas is  the basic essence of the element earth.

Thus when we start our prayers we touch the earth in thanksgiving and also forgiveness .

Prithvi is best known by the name Dharti-Ma -and so many beautiful songs on her.
She  is also called Dhra,  Dhrithri, meaning that which holds everything. In Vaishnava temple esp in South Prithvi Devi, known Bhumi Devi & along with Sri Devi Lakshmi are worshipped.  

Refer Bhu Suktam and Sri Suktam chanted in most temples -
I also learnt that Prithvi Sukta of 63 verses is in the Atharva Veda

As Prithvi Mata "Mother Earth" is linked to the Aakash tattva -also called as Dyaus -Father Sky

Interestingly the Red Indian Chingachgook (the lone survivor) in classic and film "Last of Mohicans" by James F Cooper  says a prayer to Earth & Sky in the last scene -and earlier the hero Daniel refers to stars in "Father Sky"  too.

In the Rig Veda the Earth & Sky are referred to and  is  possibly the most Ancient worship of two sides of creation -as they compliment & supplement and were also known as "Dayaprithvi" .

Puranic lore has a lot on this in stories and legends and Bhu Devi is also associated with Go Mata -as the Giver.

As Mother of Sita devi in Treta Yuga-Ramayan, and in Satyabhama in Dwapara yuga Mahabharat period. Alamelu Mangamma or Sri Padmavathi Devi of Tiruchanur at Tirupati--All  had a similar beginning, being found in a ploughed field by Akasa Raja. In latter days as Andal in South,
Interesting fact is,  Bhu Devi  is seen in Indonesia "Ibu Pertwi" & in Eastern countries too.

 Bhumi Devi Gayatri Mantra
Om Vasundharaya vidmahe
Bhutadhatraya dhimahi
Tanno Bhumih prachodayat  
Meaning of Mantra “Om. Let us meditate on Bhumi Devi, the One who provides all , bless us with abundance."

21 aspects of Mother Nature in "nurture" are seen in the following.
Some are explained in Gita also.

As Provider
Bhumi ("Soil")
  • Dhatri ("Nursing Mother")
  • Dharitri ("Nurturer")
  • Janitra ("Birthplace")
  • Medini ("Nurturer")
  • Prshni ("Mother of Plants")
  • Vanaspatinam Grbhir Osadhinam ("Womb of Forest Trees and Herbs")
  • Vishvadhaya ("All-Nourishing")
  • Vishvagabha ("World's Womb")
  • Vishvamshu ("Producer of Everything")
  • Vishvasvam ("Source of Everything")

As Sustainer
  • Dhara ("Upholder")
  • Drdha ("Steady One")
  • Kshama ("Patient One")
  • Sthavara ("Stable One")
  • Vishdava ("All-Preserving")
  • Vishvadharini ("All-Supporting")
  • Vishvamhara ("All-Bearing")


As Enricher
  •  Ratnagarbha ("Repository of Gems"")
  • Ratnavati ("Abounding in Jewels")
  • Vasundhara ("Bearer of Treasure")--
 Namaskar to Mother Earth

COMPILED from many sources