Tuesday, April 24, 2012

22nd April 2012.
Was able to keep my resolutions for Earth Day...( over the last week  )
Tree Watch & care- with and Garden maintenence was taken up with greater purpose and care.
Got some advice also from  from the Horticulture Dept. Then finally got some manual labour to help, but---with some difficulty  The last 2 years  have been a series of eye openers in Plant &Tree Care.
Many valuable lessons learnt.
1. Worked in the Garden-cleared, weeded out  and renewed the soil /nutrition with fresh red earth with micronutrients and Organo. Creeper plants &Climbers esp Malli were properly arranged to have support.
Pests -Insects Rodents and Monsoon effect leaves a lot of damge that as to be rectified.  
2. Sprayed neem oil pesticides where ever possible -Neemsutra and Neem Guard & Neem Oil
3.Transferred the  Butterfly Tree sapling from Anandashram Kanhangad (to the earth --on easter side Trees,
4. Banana Trees cleared and good ones retained- to ensure sunlight, warmth, and well-drained soil. The cut banana stems -inner core as the vegetable -Tender banana stems (Vaal thandu-Tamil / Gabbo in konkani) Pieces distributed all  around--a good vegetable used in south and is recommended  for UT & kidney cleaning .
5. Carefully inspected my Neem Tree and took Bark Sample samples -Arranged for  analysis-(sent) -as excess brown powdering seen at lower 4 feet -(may be Soil nutrition is lost with time -added Micronutrients). Will decide soon on further treatment as this is a new experience for me (6. Consult the Horticulture dept. again on Tree care ref my observations (Tree Watch -Ref ). Termites also suspected  but not seen -only powder?
6.Neem Tree was Sprayed with  termite protection, by  professional support using a backpack tank -and sprayer.
7.Organised a Compost Drum with Organic only (leaves etc) -will have  to see how this works out.
8 Reassessed the Garbage Management on my Road--spoke to the Dept. staff and a few neighbours-- but frankly this is a sad ...pathetic story--of indifference. Whats wrong with us ? Civic Sense whither--??,Anyway must go on..will strive.
9. FInally re-aranged all plants in the pots to get   a balance in Sunlight, Air , Space and Drainage--in some cases  changed the soil  -re -potting as soil nutrition and drainage some times gets choked and earth hardens in the pot .
Gardening can be great fun for grandparents, family and young children - and and an opportunity to commune with nature and it relaxes us. Watering a garden, digging and helping is a part of SUPW in some schools and  is a delight  for a child of  any age.
Watching a plant grow and a flower bloom is sheer joy- Sitting out on a a porch or on a verandah after 6 pm is so restful- esp watching the trees & plants. I was happy to see today my dear sister' s prized plant stalk  the  April Lily blooming-2 on a stalk after a long time -
Also, Malli on a bush tranferred to a another pot with fresh earth- and the bottom cut  opento allow roots to go into the soil , -Today 3 buds have come on the plant -- despite Chennai's  temperatures  of 38 deg C..
Truly as the poet said " A thing of Beauty is a Joy for ever "
Gardening is a nice hobby and a pastime of value to all- has therapeutiv value, soothes nerves and the Mind is  really at peace.Here in India, generally it is too often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life -India Today?
Space limitation is ackd--but 5 plants in pots kept on a porch or verandah is a good gardening  start -and brings in much beauty and joy.
The ambience is also much improved.
Ficus  Ephiphytes on a wall nearby -appears !! Even one in a Pot with Tilasi-
Who grows and why it grows is a Mystery & Marvel of Nature, to be Appreciated-The final Baghban in Creation is the Divine alone.
no other explanation---OM Prakriti Namaha
Rgds all-

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