Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tree Watch -musing

Tree Watch -musing
dt 20th May, 2012
My routine daily in the morning walk includes Tree Watch-care -and starts with Watering the Garden and the Jambu & Gul Mohar saplings planted last January -which now are abt 5 ft high-(Jambu grows slowly) Gul is 8ft . 
Stopped to observe :
The Old Tamarind , wild berry and neem tree in next vacant plot is a veritable playground and morning Open air Cafe for sweet ripe tamarind for Squirrels- Mynahs- Babblers-Crows and the lone Cuckoo on a branch was at peace (was not chased ) and his Cuckoo cry was oft repeated---
The adjacent trees had wild berries and many tender morsels for all as they pecked off the ground and fed.
No one was quarrelling -silently feeding -in thankful appreciation for what they received
Watched silently with appreciation--Peace reigned.
Dear God, what all we have to learn from the morning and Nature.
pic -adjacent vacant plot-

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