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Neem Tree- is a wonder tree.

dt 8th March 2011.
The Neem Tree- is a  wonder tree.
In Sanskrit the Neem is called Arishtha- meaning the reliever of the sickness and is Natures Gift to us all in India esp.Called as "Azadirachta indica" in botany- commonly referred to as Margosa, Vembu /Vepa in Tamil Also popularly called Nimba.
WE have this Neem tree on the southern side of our house-

In lower pic it is the Frangipani tree with white flowers  "Temple Flowers" in SW corner & Neem on south.

The NIMBA at Shirdi---Of Shree Sai Baba
"Om Sai Ram"
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WE have this wonderful  tall Neem tree grown on the south side (by sheer chance)- now about 29 years old. When my dear Uncle Sri Katre Dinkar Maam visited me years ago, he saw it and  explained how to make a neem liquid for garden use.--quote" Just drop all the fallen neem leaves in a tub and add water and allow to soak for some days. If urgently needed, a small quantity of neem leaves can be boiled in water and cooled -diluted and sprayed on plants and trees affected by pests or any fungus or disease. It cleans it up all well. Spray periodically as required -or use in a Watering can . Dilute for small plants"-
The effect is just remarkable and no side effects. It even deters ants which often cause havoc in gardens with small anthills making garden work difficult. Try Neem leaves and liquid spray instead of using DDT which has many side ill effects.

We have the Shree Seethala Devi Temple at Mahim, Mumbai ; Similarly in in every locality in South, the Shree Devi Karumari Amman Temples. Neem leaves are used to treat Chickenpox.  In the tradition in South India, it is believed that the Goddess protects from chickenpox--and Seethala Devi lives in the Neem tree.

Neem is extremely bitter and a mixture of leaves with sugar is taken on Yugadi to teach us to accept the sweet and bitter in life with equanimity. Neem tea is usually taken to reduce the headache and fever. Its flowers are used to cure intestinal problems. Neem bark acts as an analgesic and can cure high fever as of malaria-
Summing up-
It is the only green plant that no insect will attack and so the best herbicide /pesticide to use.
Many companies market it in small cans with a spray kit-easy to use eg Neem Plus,Health Safe Guard for plants . Neem uses  includes: Medicinal, Pesticidal. Cosmetic esp Soap for skin trouble relief.The neem stick has been a simple rural tooth brush & paste since time immemorial.
The worldwide Neem Foundation has promoted Neen awareness but in India -very few in Metros few read this information-Every part of the  neem (like the Coconut tree) is used.
In Ayurveda it has been used and recorded since  4000 years back..
It has a multitude of uses ranging and the list is endless; but for a start Soap, Toothpaste, Pesticides & Cleaning Agents is seen all across
Namskar Neem Vriksha

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