Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trees , Plants &Flowers after the Rains start- no 1.

Trees , Plants &Flowers after the Rains start- no 1

Fresh leaves grow- Every tree has a clean washed look as the dust is all cleaned off -Mother Nature in her own loving way does it all-Just two evening Rain showers in June
and lo and behold-- the trees all look so nice and fresh -red Gul Mohar in bloom , shining leaves on the Pongam (Karanja) -no wonder we Pray for Rain -the magic of Rain drops,drizzle or showers or heavy rains too-

The cycle of Rains -Monsoon in India --the process of water circulation from clouds to land and back to the ocean viz the water cycle, or hydrologic cycle...sustains life on this planet. 

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