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Shivratri 20th Feb 2012, at Hubli -Shree Shiva Krishna Mandir

The Shiva Pancha-akshari Mantra of OM Namah Shivayah in simple terms means:
This mantra is also explained thus:

OM - Pranava is Absolute Brahman i.e. God without Form, name, shape. Etc

NA – Prithvi tattva (earth - material as ash)

MA – Jala tattva (water content in our body)

SHI – Agni tattva of Tejas as in the Sun & Heat of body temperature.

VA- Vayu tattva  as the vital energu force of pancha prana

YAH – Akash (sukshma aspect) and is the  space  for circulation in our body and in universe for the spirit to move.                                               

NOTE: The name RA-MA letters are taken as RA from Om Namo NaRAyana and Om naMAh Shivaya. This teaches us that Eshwara is one only in differenbt forms …ekam sat viprah bahudavanti.

From the new Hindu Prayer Book -
वन्दे शंभुं उमा-पतिं सुर-गुरुं, वन्दे जगत्कारणम् ।
= vandé shambhum umā-patim sura-gurum, vandé jagat-kāraṇam |
= Salutations (vande) to the good-doer (shambhum), to the husband of pAravtI (umA-patim), to the guru of the gods (sura-gurum), salutations to the reason (kAraNam) of the [manifest] world (jagat) |

वन्दे पन्नग-भूषणं मृग-धरं, वन्दे पशूनां पतिम् ।
= vandé pannaga-bhūṣhaṇam mṛiga-dharam, vandé pashūnām patim |
= Salutations to the one who is adorned by serpents, to the one protects the animals, salutations to the Lord of animals.

'pashu' literally means 'the one has been snared in a net'. Figuratively we are all pashu snared in the net of attachment, not realizing the true identity.

वन्दे सूर्य-शशांक-वह्नि-नयनं, वन्दे मुकुन्द-प्रियम् ।
= vandé sūrya-shashāṅka-vahni-nayanam, vandé mukunda-priyam |
= Salutations to the one whose eyes are the Sun, Moon (physical world) and Fire (Knowledge), salutations to the one who is dear (priyam) to Vishnu (mukunda) |

वन्दे भक्त-जनाश्रयं च वरदं, वन्दे शिवं शंकरम् ॥
= vandé bhakta-janā_shrayam cha varadam, vandé shivam shaṅkaram ||
= Salutations to the refuge (Ashraya) of devotee (bhakta-jana), salutations to the auspicious (shivam) and good-doer (shaMkaram) ||
SOME SPIRITUAL MEANING & SYMBOLISM- subtle (sukshma aspects)
a)     Rudra is Energy  and in the Ghora roopa “Rudra roope” includes  the attributes of Strength, Heat Potential &Anger aspects amongst others and all. This prayer is to keep the anger and strength in check. Suryadevata is the blazing red hot heat and the Rudram also covers the aspect as Surya aschame etc. 
     See Anuvaak No.1. NOTE: We cannot even sight the Sun except at sunrise sunset…  How can we see God “ Eshwara”  with our physical vision (eyes) and thus we say God is INFINITE. This helps to gain an idea of the term “Absolute, Infinite , Nirguna, Para-Brahman”
b)    Nandi vahan represent  Dharma. & stability of the Lord –the Creator.
c)    Shiva -Parvati symbolise the Potential & Kinetic Energy.  
d)    Kailasa is a peak and we get inspiration to Reach High in our Spirit. This begins with   self improvement as in Art of Living.
d)    Eshwara worships Rama – “Ramasya eshwara” and Rama worships Eshwara – Rameshwaram. 

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  1. DearFriends
    Good Morning -just got in at 8 am by Train via Blore as no Direct train on week days.
    The 2 days at Shree Shiv Krishna Mandir, Hubli and "Quiet" routine was really needed. I had missed last 2 years as venue shifted to Karla. This is an annual Sabbatical - I have greatly cherised and some thing I looked fwd to.
    Many pictures have been taken -will post tonight. Met many bhakta-devotee - friends from earlier years -links.

    Travel going by train to Hubli is easy; Yes-by the once a week Sun direct train is better; but return is 8 +7 hrs with a 11.45 pm train change at not easy with age.
    After Travel following Shiv Ratri Jagran leaves me a bit worn out -(had to take 2 hrs break this time -age tells) but after some rest will be fine.
    GREAT EXPERIENCE --as usual
    Har Har Mahadeva-