Monday, August 20, 2012

The Butterfly Tree--

Butterfly Tree-- flowers after Rains
-A sapling of a Butterfly Tree from Anandashram was given to my sister Nalini in 2011- brought by Sulabha Pachi-thro my sis in law  ;
In 2011 Feb It was planted in a pot ; then transferred to earth in the soil this year only.
Watered and changed soil etc. but not much change seen -
Then we had some Rains in July and in Aug . 5 days of good rain showers  in Janmashtami week....and lo behold-the Tree at about ht 5 ft has blooms and buds.
Purple and whitish -..Marvel of Nature and effect of Rain water is unbelievable. Rgds 

Data -plant /flower names taken from source --
My observations in brown colour --as noted on 15th Aug 2012

Species :- Bauhinia purpurea
Local names:- Butterfly Tree, Orchid Tree, Kachnar [India]
Common name: Butterfly tree, Pink butterfly , Purple bauhinia, Purple butterfly tree, Purple orchid tree • Hindi: Kaniar कनियार • Tamil: நீலத்திருவத்தி Nilattiruvatti • Bengali: Koiral • Assamese: Og-yok • Marathi: Rakta chandan • Kannada: Devakanchan
Botanical name: Bauhinia purpurea      Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)
The Purple Orchid Tree is tropical tree that blooms over a long period of time
The beautiful & fragrant, classic, Orchid-like flowers are purple whitish /cream lavender petals arranged to closely resemble an orchid
These flowers appeared in August --after Rains  

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