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The Bilwa Tree at Shree Gangadeeshwar Temple- Chennai

dt 14th Sept 2012,
The Bilwa tree at Shree Gangadeeshwar temple is a special variety -larger bilwa fruit and this is seen in pics below- the Trifoliate Leaf is special to Lord Shiva of Tri-kaal and is used in all Shiva Poojas esp. Bilwa Archana with Bilwa stotram - 
"Eka Bilwa Shiva Arpana" 

As I learnt and have understood the Tri -patra leaf in one leaf represents all 3 Aspects in Vedic Shastras that we Hindus follow- viz. Past Present &Future -(TRIAD)
 In Prayer we seek to awaken our dormant self and so this has great significance-esp in Shiva Ratri pooja of Jagraan and sadhana -
Man lives in 3 + 1 states. . We all experience the first 3 states:
1.JAGRAT-Waking State
2.SWAPNA-Dream State
3.SUSHUPTI-Deep Sleep
4 Turiya only Great master

HaraHar Mahadeva -rgds

Repeating from 2011 -OM NAMAHA SHIVAYAH
From Ref Sources:
The Bilva tree in the Shiva Purana
According to the Shiva Purana (7 AD) the Bilva tree is the manifest form of Lord Shiva himself, while all the great tirthas (pilgrimage places) are said to reside at its base. One who worships the shivalingam while sitting under the Bilva, claims this great epic, attains the state of Shiva. Washing the head by this tree is said to be the equivalent of bathing in all the sacred rivers.

One who performs Bilva pooja with flowers and incense achieves Shiva loka, the abode of pure consciousness, and has happiness and prosperity bestowed upon them.

The lighting of the deepak (lamp) before this tree bestows knowledge and enables the devotee to merge in Lord Shiva.

The Shiva Purana also claims that if the devotee removes the new leaves from one of the branches of that tree and worships the tree with them, they will be freed from vice, while one who feeds a devotee under the Bilva will grow in virtue.

Namskar to all the sources & Acharyas
from Shri Ramachanders translation adapted -with ack & thanks.
The leaves of Bilwa (Aegle marmelos), which has trifoliate  leaves i.e.with each leaf consisting of three leaves is very dear to Lord Shiva. Offering this leaf to Lord Shiva pleases him especially on the Shivarathri .

There are several stories how people got salvation by offering one Bilwa leaf to Lord Shiva.

Tridalam trigunakaaram trinethram cha triyayusham,
Trijanma papa samharam Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 1

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
Which has three leaves,
Which  three Triads aspects--qualities,
Which are like the three eyes of Shiva,
Which is like the triad of weapons-trishul etc ,
And which destroys sins of three births.

Trishakhai bilwapathraischa hyachidrai komalai shubai,
Shiva poojam karishyami, Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 2

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
Which has three shoots,
Which are complete
Which are beautiful to see  and ,
And worship Lord Shiva.

Akhanda bilwa pathrena poojithe nandikeshware,
Shudhyanthi sarva papebhyo, Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 3

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
For if an uncut leaf is offered,
To his vahana(Bull) the god Nandi,
We are cleansed of paapa - cleaned of all our sins.

Salagrama shilamekaam vipranam jatha cha arpayeth,
Soma yagna maha punyam, Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 4

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
For it is equal to, offering a saligrama to a Brahmin,
Or the great blessing got out of performing Soma Yaga,

Danti koti sahasrani vajapeya sathani cha,
Koti kanya maha danam, Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 5

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
For it is equal to gifting thousand elephants,
Or the performing of hundred fire sacrifices,
Or giving away a kanya in kanya daan (marriage) a punya .

Lakshmyasthanutha uthpannam mahadevasya cha priyam,
Bilwa vruksham prayachami, Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 6

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
For it is equal to giving a tree of Bilwa-leaves,
Which was born from the heart and kindness of of Shree MahaLakshmi,
And which is very dear to the Lord Shiva.

Darshanam bilwa vrukshasya, sparsanam papa nasanam,
Aghora papa samharam, Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 7

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
As seeing and touching of a tree of Bilwa,
Washes away ones sins and also very great sins.

Kasi kshethra nivasam cha kala bhairava darshanam,
Prayaga madhavam drushtwa, Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 8

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
After living in the city of Kasi,
Seeing the Kala Bhairawa,
And also visiting the temple
Of Madhava in Allahabad.

Moolatho brahma roopaya, madhyatho Vishnu roopini
Agratha shiva roopaya, Eka bilwam shivarpanam 9

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
As Brahma resides at its bottom,
Lord Vishnu lives in its middle,
And Lord Shiva lives in its tip.

Bilwashtakam idham punyaam, padeth shiva sannidhou,
Sarva papa nirmuktha Shiva loka maapnuyath. 10

Reading this holy octet of Bilwa,
In the presence of Lord Shiva,
Would save one from all sins,
And in the end take him to the world of Shiva.

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