Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kigelia pinnata of Africa-"Marra Sorkai" in Tamil

4th May 2011
Kigelia pinnata of Africa-"Marra Sorkai" in Tamil--Sausage tree on Marina Beach -Chennai .The English name is derived because the fruit has a likeness to a sausage.  The sausage tree is from Africa was planted all across Chennai, inc ...on Marina Beach by Corpn Dept of Horticulture.
Today, as early as 2 pm--I saw the public seek the shade of Trees on Marina off the beach in this sweltering heat of 36-38 deg C. and high humidity- More than 500 people on the beach under trees at 2 pm - waiting for the sea breeze to set in. Surely we have thank Mother nature -and remember that Nature alone provides for the common man-these 3 photos are taken at Marina Beach-Chennai.

"Kigelia" from Africa, planted in many places in Chennai is hardy, withstands extreme summer temperatures, has thick leaves that give much shade, requires little rain and survives extrene temperatures . Studied this and find it is called  Marra Sorkai in tamil i.e. Tree Gourd also because of its resemblance;-but is not Edible as Seeds are said to be harmful for human consumpton i.e. poisonous)  -except some animals like Giraffes eat the leaves; Birds & Bats eat and pollinate the tree. In the sizzling temperatures of summer a blessing.
The peak season of Agni nakshatra >Temp as it is called starts in May already 38 deg C.. Thank God for Trees -TR
Shree Sathya Sai Baba's Msg--on NATURE
There are many valuable lessons to be learnt from Prakrithi (...Nature). Trees distribute their fruits and grant their shade to everyone, even to those who lay their axe on them with intention to destroy them! Mountains suffer heat, rain and storm without demur, and are plunged in meditation for ages. Birds do not hoard for years together, the wherewithal for food or shelter; they do not use more than is absolutely necessary for their survival. Nature is your school, your laboratory, the gateway to liberation and the reflection of God's manifold majesty. Seek to know the lessons it is ready to teach; all things in Nature are Brahman (God) just as you are. So, every act is Divine; all work is worship; build the mansion of your life on the strong foundation of the faith that all creation is Divine. -SAI BABA
To conclude
Trees also have a Spl. "Swadharma" OM Vrikshe Namaha"-- eg Shade Giving , Fruits, Decorative, Beauty, Fragrance.
Trees -have specific qualities and as living organisms vary so much inc the purpose of planting --suited to locale and purpose.
India has the best selection of local trees -

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