Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tree Stumps- are also respected in our tradition.

Tree Stumps- are also respected in our tradition, as records will show. .
At Kanhangad Railway station, I was awaiting the train, which was  delayed by an hour;
this gave me time to study the trees and stumps left behind in the station development.
In this blog post- have taken pics of a few " tree stumps " left on the platform no 2 at Kanhangad station-on Chennai -Mangalore- route .Tree Stumps were  not cemented over.
In some stump areas Tulasi Plants had grown where the tree was cut and a stump was left behind
Really left me wondering about Nature's Marvels-HOW?
I  recalled an ancient South Indian custom of respecting the Tree Stumps-Our Lady Doctor who maintains most traditions had followed this when they had to extended their house and home temple years ago.

 Badam Trees have been planted in some placed now on Platform no 2- above pic.
This is an interesting topic nicely researched by Shri M Amrithlingam and included in his book which is titled as " Sacred Trees of Tamilnadu"-from the CPR Environmental Education centre- cost Rs 250./- available at CPR, Chennai. It has also a few colour photos from archives,

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