Thursday, September 8, 2011

Connect with nature-in peace

9th Sept 2011.

GREETINGS-Connect with nature-in  peace.

·         Nature Communes does wonders to us--following Shanti Mantras,     I am summarising some lessons I have learnt from Nature, in the Garden, in Parks, in Farms and the countryside. 

·         Nature speaks to us if we only quietly observe and reflect -then Connect. The swaying and dancing of Trees in the wind , the flowering of tiny buds, small plants emerging from seeds planted, a sunrise and sunset clouds passing by, the ocean waves and lapping of water on a quiet beach  


  • 7       simple lessons summarized in this period from our teachings  that I found useful are:

1)     Shravanam –Learn to Listen-(mere questioning with IQ does not help without Anubhava & Mananam-plus periodical guidance from a good source.

2)    Mananam- Reflect and then Do--Act.

3)    De Clutter Mind &Body. Think the essential… talk and Do it.

4)    Maintain  all breathing techniques- Pranayama, esp in outdoors as the air is clean and pure in gardens and parks Daily we can do at it at home with our daily prayers, bhajans an stotras.

5)    Non Judgemental Approach –we are not here to judge each and every thing.Be Appreciative.

6)    Acceptance Prayer- with Compassion.

7)    Take short  breaks –Music, Satsang, Yoga, Nature walks- Holiday, Retreats, what ever helps and suits .

Find time to play-relax with a hobby, with children, in the garden, with nature, on a beach –natural surroundings and stay refreshed and rejuvenated.




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