Tuesday, September 6, 2011

She lives in the Flowers

After  long absence from the Blog, now am posting  this - 
I was totally occupied assisting and in nursing my ailing younger sister Nalini, aged 62-who  passed away on 22nd Aug 2011. RIP.
With respects 


Nalini had a green hand in my garden development work, since she came here 9 years ago from Mumbai following the loss of her husband and earlier her only son also.    She had been also affected with a Mild stroke following her sons sad demise, but bravely carried on without a murmur or complaint. We admired her courage and inner strength. She had partially recovered from the stroke with physiotherapy and was mobile and independant.-She spent much time in Gardening.
Her passion was Gardening, Music and Children   

The April Lillies, select flower saplings, Sasambara (Karpooravalli)  Paan, Haldi (manjal) Paan  and some crotons –inc Tulasi & Kund she had gifted to many. more was added by her. The neighbouring flat watchman used to help her to dig and plant- .in his spare time and Nalini used to look after him generously. She had received a gift of 2 saplings from Anandashram, Kanhangad through my sister in law's Mother  -a Butterfly tree and a wild Jasmine , which was planted also recently in July. Growing nicely

Just 5 weeks ago in August, when she returned form Hospital she asked for a Pink Rose Sapling from the Green Plants seller who comes to our place-in his Auto Cart
Had it planted and was in bloom for some time.
In fact Bloomed so well –I have taken some pic of it –one is attached.

On 3rd Sept. 20-11 the  final ceremony date of Vaikunta Samaradhan, we added 2 Rose plants and several Tulasi saplings.Also gifted a few to close family again.

FOR US: She Lives in the Flowers in our Garden.



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