Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marvels of Nature -Trees of Flowers from Nalini

13th Oct 2011.
Dedicated to my Dear Late Sister Nalini-
Some plants can be a surprise especially when their Botanical name or local name is even not known-
This happens when Saplings are gifted by some one close- This is one such case and the result is ---that we have beautiful flowers;  in this case, the sapling  was gifted to dear Nalini (my late younger sister) who planted them near our home entrance -Today the plant stands nearly 10 feet tall!!.
I now understand it is a Tree-
Pity she did not see it Flower -she passed away on 22nd August 2011 morning athome
but am sure that Plants &Trees are Sentient; 
Spirit will  live on in this Garden in Flowers at "Mahalakshmi"- our Home for 32 years.

Nalini was with us for nearly last 9 years since she lost her husband and son most untimely in Mumbai. 
When a younger person –a sibling and esp a younger sister who  shared a life time --with and cared for in childhood  passes away slowly—it is something else-In one month of her illness post a stroke  & kidney problems -I have learnt more about Life & Death & esp on Palliative Care.

God Gives-- God Takes-

God gave me a wonderful wife in Sudha who shares all -I can never thank her enough.
Thank you all the friends who enquired-shared and helped me cope.

Kind Rgds
Photos taken in August posted below:  -


Nalini had a green hand in my garden development work, since she came here 9 years ago-
The April Lillies, select flower saplings, Sasambara Paan, Haldi Paan  and some crotons –all added by her.
The neighbouring flat  watchman used to help dig and plant- .in his spare time and Nalini used to look after him.

In July when she returned from hospital, she asked for a Pink Rose Sapling from the Green Plants seller who comes to our place-with his Auto Cart
Had it planted and was in bloom for some time.
In fact Bloomed so well –I have taken some pic of it –one is attached in earlier posts.
Thanks.----BLESS HER

FOR US: She Lives in the Flowers in our Garden.



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