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Banyan Tree " Vata Vriksha"

dt 27th Dec 2010.

Banyan Tree " Vata Vriksha"

The Banyan tree is associated with Shri Dakshinamurthy – Adishtana Devata of Vidya Sampradaya and Adi Guru.Lord Dakshinamurthy, is worshiped as the "ultimate guru", is depicted seated beneath a banyan tree.

Dhyana Sloka:
Chitram Vat Tharor moole, vruddha, Shishya Gurur Yuva--Gurustu Mouna Vyakya Naam -
Shishya thu chinn-saunsaya, Shree Dakshinamurtaye Namaha
He symbolizes Lord Shiva and is seen as the the destroyer of ignorance and embodiment of knowledge.

The term used for a Banyan Tree is Vata-vriksha and the significance of the Tree and its arial roots is quite profound.
1.     The tree gives immense shade and protection like a Guru.
2.     The arial roots hanging will grow other Banyan Trees when they touch the ground and this likened to the Guru Parampara where the lineage continues for generation and centuries.

The  Banyan Tree also is seen as a symbol of the Trinity of  -Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma.


At ADYAR-Theosophical Society HQ is located 0.5 Kilometres away from Old Banyan Tree.
It measures 238ft from north to south and 250ft from east to west. The total area exceed 59,500-sq-ft. This tree is a unique specimen. There are people who often say that this is the largest Banyan tree in the world. People, who have some doubts about this statement, claim this to be the second largest Banyan tree. Some say that the largest is in Kolkata (Calcutta). Others say it is in Kashi and in Prayag too.

About 10 years ago, a devastating cyclone uprooted this tree. To bring back the tree to its original position, huge cranes were brought to the scene. A vast pit was dug and the tree was kept back in its position. But all these efforts went in vain. The aerial roots of this tree have become well rooted and the entire tree appears like a bunch of several trees. Adyar is very famous for its Banyan tree. The vast area occupied by the Banyan tree belongs to the Theosophical Society, which stretches from a bridge at the banks of Adyar River to the Seashore and the Banyan tree is in the center. The great philosopher J. Krishnamurti used to deliver lectures under this Banyan tree.

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