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Love of nature--- caring for it -a worthwhile new year project and resolution.

dt 30th Dec 2010. 

TR/ Nature series.

 Love of nature--- caring for it -

a worthwhile new year project and resolution

 Love of nature---
"All things bright and beautiful " The Lord God made them all, by Cecil Alexander was a song we all sang at school in primary years.It was the morning song-hymn- prayer in School till 2nd standard- and with teacher playing the piano; Most of us used to even hum and sing it at other times and this spoke  of the emphasis &  standards of educational systems then-
Thank You GOD.  

A Child's Life has seen many complications in the last two decades -especially with new millennium changes and stress and strain affecting all.What has really happened  to us now;..we seem to just forget what Childhood is all about.

Today  the focus is only on progress reports,  tuition- marks, report cards and then Chill Outs- TV to cool off!!- etc and we forget the most basic part of humanity viz:

Sensitivity is what  we alone can demonstrate to children.
Studies confirm that  lecture-sermon-tell- teach have limitations.  
Nature Watch ---study and to help plant grow ---is a better way. 
Also an important part of Childhood.

Remember the news about vanishing Sparrows and many small birds going extinct esp in cities as we humans take over all space. This subject was taken up by AIR, Vividh Bharti in a recent Radio broad cast in Tamil and extremely well conducted with tel/radio talk- 
Most enchanting well and very done.

The world will always have some with just economic priorities only---. summed up as Money & Matlab ---but we need to just look beyond and try our best to add value to flora & fauna- 
In fact it also develops us more than we realise.

Looking after an abandoned cat, dog or an injured bird or tending a garden can be most therapeutic too- medical science acknowledges this."Compassion" -"Karuna"  is partly an "inner quality within" --the nature of a person , but  also can be  a nurtured quality - We develop ....gain by the relationship we have with loved ones, elders,  our  pets.. a dog or a cat - bird--or in a garden -a creative hobby where responsibility, care and concern takes a prominent role.

I have found that Gardening is also  great way to spend time-esp. for us grandads & grandmoms with  children and to teach them some important things about LIFE.

This will be enjoyable for all ages and alos give a opportunity to refresh ourselves on  our reliance on Mother nature-in some cases  the fragility of our environment when misused, 
the “law of sow and the harvest” and above the importance of work and personal responsibility in sustainability. 

Spending peaceful hours with Nature is our Choice.
Doing something to make it a better  is a worthwhile new year project and resolution- 
and makes all happier...a better place  to live in.

Best Wishes


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  1. Top pic is of a Terrace Garden in Pune-behind the foliage -leaves is a Honey Bees Honeycomb - all this on 7th Floor terrace.
    Natures Wonders-TR