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No 002 dt. 25th Dec, 2010.
December -Jan time and Music in Chennai city -
Margashirsh-and Chennai city with december flowers in violet colour-
Mid December each year  marks a period when Music just vibrates in this city;temperatures drop and it is cool- Also a time when the "December Flowers" bloom-in their delightful Lavender colour used to make pooja malas, ladies wear in hair etc etc -Time to relax and feel good-After all, this is a special month  (Margarzhi in Tamil) -the king of months and in fact in the Bhagavad Gita has a mention of it.

The importance of Margashirsh is declared by Sri Krishna in Gita as the King of Months in the whole year.The Margarshirsh started on 6th Dec 2010,in our Panchangs -In Chennai esp---Tamil -Margazhi Masam from December 16, 2010 and ends on January 13, 2011, is one of Prayer - Bhakti and Music sabhas all across..

For Chennai-ites-esp Mylapore residents where I live, the time and season of MUSIC FESTIVALS ---
and in recent years  add  in social meets, chances for aspiring youth & children to give their friends &  public an opportunity  to Listen to their musical &  dance talents. Over the last decade,  word has spread  across India  with visiting musicans from all across-  Top Masters & Vidwans from Mumbai & North Indian Gharanas & Sabhas coming down in a blend of Carnatic, Hindustani, Devotional, FUSION  et al- plus many more like music in parks a.m.-open air concerts impromptu, Heritage Walks early mornings too-We see so many Western youth also attending and studying music too with all earnest-

Then we have Family Meets. Best of all are  food counters with simply great food esp-at interval time as these programes go late to make it a real celebration with friends &family.So many NRI Youth also come down to India and present their music talents too-
Relaxation time...after all Music is the food of Love.
Great time too for all-and a change much needed at the year end- ..

In in a city that is usually just Rush Hour 7x24.  it is simply wonderful.....( No Spa can equal this!!)
and is is so nice to just sit back, relax, drift into a musical journey and go thro 2 hrs of  a musical journey in Time and Space
Samskruti alone  leads to Sukha, Shanti & Samriddhi.
Best Rgds all-

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