Friday, November 25, 2011

Plants &Trees are Sentient

dt. 25th Nov 2011.
trees have Consciousness & Feelings -If observed carefully even large trees respond to changes -even natural factors like excess water , heat , pollution etc  can withstand only so much (stop , stop) and no more---they say. Some take it for a while but later wilt or droop or die. We need to be more sensitive to plant Life.
The expression "Scream of a Flower"- when being plucked & Dr Bose findings is relevent here.

Delicate is what one can call the flower,  petals and all .

  • TOUCH- The power of love and concern -care radiates through Touch -even as a gentle mother's hand on a fore head of a worried or anxious child soothes ...Positive loving energy bodies do that--(reiki is one form ) but any one can do it with just a Loving Approach-easy way to understand is to observe and care for plants for some one ( or  Pets) and any show of sensitivity and kindness has a soothing effect very soon .

  • See TOI post on sensitivity 
     from Shanker Shenoy -( Many thanks).
    We have to be gentle with plants and Flowers.They are so sensitive.
    I may add  Sukshma Sharira(Subtle body) is Impacted with sheer Intention (++ Energy Aura) -this has been proven by Kirlean Photography as colour shades change indicate.

  • Pic is taken by my neice Anjanaa Amarnath -also a Nature Enthusiast -

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