Friday, November 4, 2011

The `Scarlet Cordia Tree`-flowers&fruit

The Scarlet Cordia - is an unusual plant -in fact a Tree. I have seen one  atAdyar (abt 3 km near my house towering high) . It took me while top identify it, when we were given a Sapling, which is about 10 ft tall now.
After seeking assistance and enquiry -we identified it. Then came the fruit ( bulbs part-) and from data sources learnt this below :

QUOTE" From Source: 
"The fruit of the `Scarlet Cordia Tree` is unique. They are of pure white colour and contain five lobes. They stay enclosed in the rest of the calyx. The flesh of the fruit has a scent that reminds us about that of bananas. 

The leaves are unusual to look at and also to touch. They are large in size and oval shaped. They are dull at the top and very deeply concaved by the veins. On the underside the veins form hard ridges. The colour of the vein is dark green, particularly dark in the older leaves. The texture of the leaves is as harsh as sandpaper. Although limp, even the young leaves are also rough. 
Both the parts of the fruit of this tree have some medicinal qualities. 

Despite its softness, the wood is strong and durable and is claimed to be one of the timbers used to make Egyptian Mummy cases. It is also better than most of the woods used for the purpose of procuring fire by friction.

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