Friday, November 25, 2011

Water -the giver of Life

Water- for me in my profession the Sea was "Water, water every where" -but the salty kind as sea water is not potable due to the Chloride &Bromides content. Pure Drinking water is a dire need in many places and in summer we are often seeing long queues for just 2 pots of water in some sections of the Metros- esp Chennai. In all of  Creation,  water takes a very special place and so too for all Creatures & Plant Life it is vital.
Thus we find Water has been given a special place in our Rituals for purification as we sip water 3 times in Aachamana, before our daily prayers then chant Mantras.
It is so in all other Religions too- and a common factor to link.
Possibly more than any Element (Pancha Maha Bhutas)  in chants and prayers "Apa -sanskrit for Water"
 This pic is of Volunteers of a Water and Buttermilk distribution Programe in peak summer with 38-40deg C Temp in Chennai. They are Volunteers of Nandalal Temple Seva Samiti Mylapore -
I was at the junction when I went and spoke to them this summer. 

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