Saturday, February 19, 2011

African Tulip Tree in Chennai-

19th Feb 2011.
African Tulip Trees in Chennai- 
(called Patadi in Tamil, Rugtoora in Hindi and Rudra Palash in Bengal

 Life has some surprises and so it is with Nature Study too.The real surprise was the African Tulip Tree with flowers in bloom seen at Adyar Corner, near Gandhi Nagar on 18th Feb 2011, Chennai -(just behind Adyar Bakery); two trees too.

Just last week had sighted and learnt about the Sterculia Tree bearing red cluster fruit near my area last week. See next blog post. 
Earlier it was the Kigelia -the Sausage Tree in earlier blog post.
Three imported varieties and  all doing well in the hot climate of Chennai.

I realised we have imported many beautiful flowering trees that  give shade and add  brilliant colours with their Red flowers to the locality like Stercuilia also, but the African Tulip is simple the most dazzling colour seen and they all seem to  thrive well, despite our hot climate in Chennai. On the same quiet residential Krishnamchari Rd.
I found on Feb 18th 2011, the Banyan, BiIwa, Butterfly tree and some more trees -
all well maintained here .
Wonder who planted them ?
Bless them.

Brilliant Red colours -simply enchanting----Many had fallen down from the tree and were all strewn on the ground -I picked a few and came home delighted; Was quite elated and felt like a kid-
My wife & Family were also amazed- had never seen them like this before--
Trees & Flowers are Gods Gift to Man -
we need to just  respect and  care for them

18th Magh Poornima, Friday-   
OFFERED TO the Divine Mother.
Om Shree Prakruti Namaha
Namaskaromi -


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  1. Flowers are god gift to man - we need to respect and care for them