Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sausage tree Kigelia pinnata of Africa seen on Marina Beach -Chennai

The names given to some trees like Sausage Tree (Kigelia) & Cannon Ball (Nagalingam)  tree  is because they bear a fruit with a remarkable likeness to the names given in english.
The former- "Kigelia" tree is  from Africa is not listed in Indian species but is very hardy and withstands extreme summer temperatutres, requires little rain but  gives very good shade. It has been planted on Marina Beach line on the road. It bears fruit in February that hangs down from it on a vine. Even seen on beach road at Santhome. We studied this and some call it a Marra  Sorkai in tamil i.e. Tree Gourd,- but it is not eaten by humans -except some animals and birds.Nevertheless remarkable -In the sizzling temperatures of summer from March-June end 38-41 deg C and even some times up to August , a Shady Tree is a Blessing for all.
Photos taken are:

For details refer Wikepedia as it is an unusual tree-
2 File pics taken below ackd. with thanks- only to depict at close range with clarity

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  1. Marina Beach road- Santhome & Souh Chennai have many such trees planted byPWD DEpt years ago for its shade and also needs less water to survive-Essentially an African Tree -
    Many tropical trees have been brought across the world and some our Indian varieties &Plants, Fruits too- were actually brought over by Traders, as early as in 1500-1600.