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Kitchen Garden series-002 -BILIMBI (Averrhoa Bilimbi)

The simple Bimbla fruit -BILIMBI (Averrhoa Bilimbi) is popular in homes where it is grown esp in South Kanaras. It it used in curries to add taste and popular as a home made  Pickle. It is rich in Vitamin C-
Bimbla (Bilimbi) is not often seen in markets,but this tree is grown in many homes of our South Kanara families in cities inc. Chennai and shared with friends -It is a part of the kitchen garden plants-trees.
refer photos.
I have attached 4 photos I took of Bimbla Tree recently
2 are from my relatives house in Chennai--
See part tree branch cut Pic no 1- (pruned badly, but still Tree is kind and gives Fruit  Pic no 2 in Feb 2011.
3rd  pic is from Tree pic taken at  Jogeshwari... Mumbai -Jan 2011  - 

BILIMBI (Averrhoa Bilimbi)
This fruit is shaped like a mini cucumber about 2 t- 3 inches long. It is greenish- yellow when ripe. Tastes like the starfruit or Karmala of West Coast India Fruit-- is sour and used for home made pickles and garnishing curries in south. Vitamin C rich .
Growing a Bimbla Tree.
In most places in India,  February is seen as  the best time to grow -

Ideally, get a good Sapling from a Nursery -cost may be abt. Rs.125/
Best to  plant in the ground--need only a small space; 
Tree will grow abt. 7 to 10 feet tall (needs full sunlight) .
Much depends on where one is  residing?
Flat or House and type of Weather you have.
Esp. Soil -Water - etc?
May be grown in a clay or concrete pot but needs a large kind -with a drain hole at bottom -water must not stagnate  should be able to flow out slowly- 
Get good earth... mix with sand, gravel
Use Organo Natural Manure costs approx Rs 100 per bag only
Water with care do not Flood
Keep in open sunlight
Ref Potted Saplings -
 POMEGRANATE  Tree-plant and Fruit in Pune on a 7th Floor Terrace Garden, in Pune.

In Pune I saw Pomegranate grown in a Pot by Shri Kale --the Gardener -
on a 7th Floor Terrace Garden.
Truly a Green thumb--what in India call "Daiva Kala"- (haath guna ) in Greenery. 
So we can  try ----but have  a good gardener to assist -  
Look after plants kindly---with care daily;  they respond well
Kind Rgds
For ref from net sources:
This is essentially a tropical tree, less resistant to cold than the carambola, (Karamala ) growing best in rich and well-drained soil (but also stands limestone and sand). The bilimbi tree is long-lived and reaches 5-10 m in height.
Its trunk is short and quickly divides up into ramifications. Bilimbi leaves, 3-6 cm long, are alternate, imparipinnate and cluster at branch extremities. There are around 11 to 37 alternate or subopposite oblong leaflets. The leaves are quite similar to those of the Otaheite gooseberry. It prefers evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year, but with a 2- to 3-month dry season.

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