Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moonlight and Flowers -in "Chandni" .

19th Feb 2011.
Flowers at Spring time-- Magh Poornimanight
The Moon's effect on Mind has also inspired poets, lovers and all to go abs crazy on the this which Musicians took up also;A classic eg was Moonlight & Shadows---immortaliosed by Los Indios Tabajaras--
 the famed Guitar duo of 60s  from Brazil (from a South America-Indian tribe )  Or Moon Light & Roses ...sung by so many. Moons effect on MInd has been also  proven and most of all in peaks and lows of Full&New Moon Time -Whatver may be the case---  the fact is --it arouses a lot of sentimental emotion with music &poetry with its sheer beauty of the cool moonlight-"Chandni" . 
So, for a change, tried an experimental Moonlight photography. The sequence is of the Moon just rising above my Bougainvilla on my house frontage. Last pic is same bouganvilla blossoms in daylight-

Magh Poornima time is great with my Garden back drop.
I am an amateur ( poor )photographer esp with the digital settings.
I use a KODAK  Easy Share camera-after nearly 30 yrs of working with a Yashica and earlier Minolta hi-matic still camera, from my Seafaring days.They both served well and gave me good pics -(better ones really !! ) Hope to learn more about Digital & Handy Cams etc as I go along -on my Nature study mission.Great pastime too and enchanting. --
esp as we age and spare time on hand ;add in music & poetry too.
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