Monday, February 7, 2011

Shree Vasant Panchami -today Salutations to the Divine Mother

dt 8th Feb 2011.
 Om Shree Matre Namaha -

A Glimpse of the Divine Mother Shree"Mata Saraswati"-

Anu Roope, Maha Roope, Vishva Roope, Namo Namah.
The Divine Mother is Creation itself i.e. Prakruti and our shastras have described her in every glorious form that humans can imagine.
 She is  described in Namavallis as :
Vagdevi                              – Goddess of Speech
Jihvagravasni                     – Dwelling at the tip of the tongue
Kavijih Vagravasini              – Dwelling on the tongue of Poets
Shabdavasini                      – She who dwells in Sound
Vagisha                              – Mistress of Speech
Mahavani                            – Of great wisdom in Speech
Smriti-Sakti                        – Power of Memory
Jnana-Sakti                        – Power of Knowledge
Buddhi Sakti Swarupini      – Whose form is the Power of Intellect
          Kalpana Sakti                     – Who is the Power of Forming ideas.
Pratibha Sakti                    – Intelligence
Veda Garbha                       – the womb-source of Vedas Knowledge.
Sarva Vidya Swarupini        – All forms of Knowledge
Sarva Sastravasini              – Dwelling in the Shastras (Books of Shastra)
Granthakarini                     – Who creates the Books.
(All these and more are explained in the Shree Lalita Sahasranama stotra & Namavalli).


Naturally, as a Mother she is loving, gentle, kind and compassionate and caring.
As her children we also see her as beautiful and ever radiant. (Dhyana Slokas in L.S.) 
She protects, guides and also chides us when we go astray and brings us to the correct path.Thus she is Guru Murtaye Namaha and we offer our prayers and salutations.

In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chp 10 Sl 10, 11, 22, 33, 34 and in particular Sl 33, refers to the feminine qualities of” Kirtih, Shree, Vak ca narinam, Smrtir, Medha & Kshama viz. Fame, Fortune, Speech, Memory &  Intelligence with Forbearance & Forgiveness.
At Saraswati Teerth Yatra -Kurukshetra-- Harayana -Adi Badri

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