Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ved Mata Gayatri devi


Ved Mata Gayatri devi is tripad i.e. as Gayatri (pratha sandhya), Savitri at madhye -noon, and Saraswati at saayanakale sandhya.
She is the one who illuminates our Intellect as we seek in  our mantra.

Sandhya merges in Gayatri
Gayatri merges in AUM-
Aum merges in Brahman

The sigbificance of Trikaal sandhya is purification and growth  as under:
1.Pratha kale (Morning)  to Sri Gayatri is  over Indriyas (5 senses organs).
2. Madhye (at noon)  to Sri Savitri over Prana.
3.Saanykale (evening) over Speech –Vaak to Sri Saraswati.

The Sun is Light –Tejas and giver of Life is the visible and symbolic of Eshwara as the “Pratyaksha Devata” viz the seen form of Divine and without Surya Deva, there is no life  - (Refer descriptions in Sri Rudra, Gita and Devi Paat.)                                       
So our sandhya vandana  mantra i (conjunction) is for antar-atma uniting with  param-atman in the space of one’s heart i.e. Parama Vyoman or Sky i.e. Hridaya Akash.
The inner spiritual light is like a sun reflected in our mind (consciousness).

Sharada Stotram -Vaak devi
Prayer to Goddess of Learning-
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Goddess Saraswathi is worshipped as Sharada Devi in the famous temple at Sringeri.]

Namasthe Sharade devi, Kashmeera pura Vasini,
Thwam aham prathaye nithyam, vidhya dhanam cha dehi may. 1

Salutations to Goddess Sharada who lives in Kashmir,
I pray you daily and so give me knowledge as gift.

Ya Shradha, dharana medha, vagh devi vidhi vallabha,
Bhaktha jihwagra sadhana shamadhi guna dhayini. 2

You are attention, understanding, wisdom, goddess of speech and consort of Brahma,
Sitting at the tip of the toungue of your devotees, you grant peace and all that is good.

Namami Yaminim nadha lekha alankrutha kunthalam,
Bhavaneem bhava santhapa nirvapana sudha nadheem. 3

Salutations to her who decorates her tresses with the darkness of night and sound of writing,
And to Goddess Bhavani who cures sorrow due to life like a river of nectar.

Bhadra kalyai namo nithyam sarasvathyai namo nama,
Veda vedanga vedantha vidhya sthanebhya eva cha. 4

I salute daily you as Bhadra kali as well as salute her as Saraswathi,
As you are the home of Vedas, branches of Vedas, philosophy and knowledge.

Brahma swaroopa paramaa jyothi roopa sanathani,
Sarva vidhyadhi devi ya thasyai vanyai namo nama. 5

Salutation to Vani who is the goddess of all types of learning,
Who has the form of Brahma, the ultimate light and is for ever.

Yaya vinaa jagat sarva sasva jeevan mrutham bhaveth,
Jnanadhi devi ya thasyai saraswathyai namo nama. 6

Salutations to Goddess Saraswathi, who is the supreme goddess of wisdom,
Without whom the entire universe would appear dead even though it is alive.

Yaya vinaa jagat sarvam mooka munmathavad sadaa,
Ya devi vaghadhishtathri thasyai vanyai namo nama, 7

Salutations to goddess Vani, who presides over the act of speaking,
Without whom this world would be dumb, confused and lost.

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