Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen Garden trees and plants "sustainable economy"

Kitchen Garden trees and plants:  for home economy.
The Coconut, Banana,Mango,Tamarind,Jackfruit,Bimbla, Papaya,Guava, Sapota(Chickoo) are seen in most homes where there is space to grow them. 
I  tried this in the rear and side spaces of my compound; the Coconut, Papaya, Banana, Guava were grown successfully with other flower plants. Maintenance is required and time has to be spent to cultivate and nurture them with soil and organo mix, pesticides, herbicides etc  as they are subject to infestation,fungus and insects etc -but, well worth the time and effort.
This series will now try to cover them.
In my side space  5 ft width we have managed to grow this- with herbs also.
Banana trees are actually considered to be very large perennial herbs.
Every part of the banana Plant-- stem, leaves fruit is used in Indian Homes-and is indispensable to our life style and culture.  
The Banana Plant-  grow well in our Tropical  climates. 
They are seen as  the perfect addition to a well-planned organic garden.

Bananas at a plantation-below:
 Banana Plantation -
 Pic.taken in Chennai -typical scene in south, where every home grows such trees.



How To Grow and Care for Banana Tree 

Some suggestions taken from Home & Garden by Carrie Grosvenor is taken for reference:

No matter where you live though, there are a few things you'll need to know in order to keep your banana trees thriving.
  1. Banana plants prefer a light, well-draining soil. You can aid in the drainage quality of your planting beds by adding raised areas above heavier soil to allow the thin roots of the banana tree to spread.
  2. Choose the warmest location on your property for banana plants. They really need full sun; twelve hours a day is optimal. If you live in a temperate climate, your banana plants will also need protection from wind and cold. Banana trees do not like winter!
  3. If you plan to keep growing banana plants throughout the year and live in a zone with seasonal cold weather, choose cold tolerant varieties of banana trees such as Musa Basjoo, Saja, and Ice Cream.
  4. Some banana plants are strictly ornamental, while others bear fruit. Read tag descriptions carefully so you'll know what to expect. Almost all banana plants have the potential to grow very tall, except for dwarf varieties. Be prepared for this - young plants won't stay so small. 

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  1. Banana trees are actually considered to be very large perennial herbs.
    Every part of the banana Plant-- tree nursery