Thursday, February 17, 2011

Indian Coral tree-Mandara

INDIAN CORAL TREE-`Erythrina Indica`
I realised the beauty of the Indian Coral Tree-esp the beautiful leaves, when I observed it in Semmozi Park Chennai; then started a search and to my complete surprise found it was grown in my late parents flat compound- in Kilpauk Chennai. Although the varieties differ slightly, we identified it with some basic characteristics of leaves, red flowers, its  height and trunk. My brother then clarified that locals refer to it as `Kalyana Murungai` in Tamil ; then two more names for it were also noted viz `Maruka` or `Mulu Murungu`.
In Hindi, known as `Mandara`, `Panjira`, `Dholdhak`, `Pangri`, `Pharad` or `Dadap`.
In Bengal it is said to be called  `Palita Mundar` and `Rakta Mandar`.
It is considered to be one of India`s own trees that grow wild along the seaside and in some inland districts of deciduous forests. In spring time esp from Feb to March, the `Coral Tree` has rich and red blooms.
The normal height of this tree is about 18 m except sometimes just about 7.5 varieties differ.
This is obviously popular as a garden or park tree because it is really beautiful, starts flowering from the height of only 3 or 4 m.and the large  Green leaves add so much to the scene... really  beautiful.
The  photos taken will tell it.
At Chennai Semmozi Park (Old Drive in Woodlands)

Thanks to the latin botanical name Erythrina Indica on the  tag, I was able to study the tree in detail.
I also decided to  add photos taken at "Guru Prasad" -my late Parents Flat-inset below:.

My brother who lives here was also  teling me that flocks of Parrots used to visit the tree, even though this tree has no scent.The flowers of the tree are popular with many birds;  Crows, Mynahs, Babblers, Parakeets and  bees and wasps -who help in the fertilisation of flowers  by their attention and visits.

Mandara Flowers are bright Red in colour and have a special place in our in Pushpanjali -

Ref.  Shree Satyanarayana  Pushpa-Patra Pooja and Alankara
The wonders and the beauty in Gods Creation are so many.

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