There are ways to keep our planet green and beautiful.
Environment protection is the new buzzword. Deforestation, pollution, pressure on our natural resources and other issues are those that will impact our future. And small steps from each of us will help in safeguarding our ecosystem.
Spread the message
Students in the city have decided to lead by example in spreading the “Save the planet” messageMeghana of Std. II from Sri Vidyanjali School says, “We avoid the usage of plastic and use only paper bags made from newspapers and also distribute it among the people of our locality”.
Ms. Hemalatha the principal of Sri Vidyanjali adds that their school is a plastic free zone and its eco-friendly.
She also states that they educate people outside the school to preserve environment and organise camps outside the school to spread awareness among people.
Save the sparrow
It's not just about plastic, even planting trees is an important part in conserving our nature.
Sisters Ashni and Anthia Hundiwala of Std. VIII and IV respectively of Pallavi Model School say, “Our school encourages us to save animals like the common sparrow, whose population is diminishing in number. We help by planting trees around the school campus during our free time.”
“We are asked to do projects related to environmental issues. These projects are evaluated and the best are given to authorities as suggestions of issues that should be acted upon,” says Kevin d'Souza of St. Michael's School.
Even parents are adopting these practices and setting up a healthy example to their children.
More programmes
There are many programmes in the region to spread awareness among people to carry the cloth bags, plant trees and take up rain water harvesting.
With these initiatives one can only hope that our planet remains green and beautiful.