Saturday, February 12, 2011

Care of the Tulasi Plant---

On Sacrality-of  Tulasi & Saligram the puranic lore is to be noted.
Tulasi Pooja is an integral part of our culture- and the sacred plant deserves all care.
Daily Prayers and choice of place of planting, keeping the Tulasi Pot 
with regard to the  Sacrality of the place

The Tulasi pot takes a special place at the entrance -in all homes, all across India.
The house is our old home of 1944 where my Parents were Married-in Puttur Mangalore -visited in 2004. pic taken and place is well maintained  by present occupants with all traditions
 Lamp lit at dusk-evening time in traditional home even today in cities.

BELOW: This is out Tulasi  at our house- 

Reg growing Tulasi plants and their care-
Many time the Tulasi plants  die of fungal or other pollution  effects- as it is a very sensitive plant needing light, water and soil with much loving  care.Apart from the care of the Pooja Tulasi pot maintained - growing this in a garden or in a pot/s needs much more care.
I have experienced this problem also some times and have had to replant all over again---
as we live in an independant house and  grow it on the North side across about 5 ft.
Damage to plant occurs when construction work dust, cement dust or lime etc with adjacent construction work  affects the whole lot- occly also but some times weeds blowing in too-. Excessive summer heat adds in.

Have tried Haldi (Turmeric--Manjal) watering occly as a simple  medicinal , antiseptic for care -
This works better with a Watering can, as the drops get sprinkled all over-
plus replenish soil etc -
above all needs loving care.


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