Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gardening in a City and Inspiration for this Blog

pics No 1,2 &3 are on a Terrace Garden in Pune 7th Floor

BELOW; Pics at my house -garden space.
Pics no 4 &5 are flowers & herbs grown on a side patch of 2 ft width.
17th Jan 2011.
Ref. my Sankaranti - post and 5 Resolutions, am responding to 2 queries:
Q1- Gardening in congested cities- how is it possible?
Even 5 Potted plants on a Verandah is a start; possible-just start in the right season with all faith and interest. Have an efficient water drainage or pipe linked to outlet, in order to  not affect the lower floor flats due to water seepage or leakages.Involve others in a joint Grow Green effort. Do not ever get into or start a garden growing competition as it leads to no end of misunderstandings and quarrels. This is just plain civic sense.  
In due course, when there are abundant flowers grown, share some flowers with residents in the building esp. for pooja purposes, who will apreciate this. Just have some patience and it costs little.
A Sapling in season  costs  as low as Rs 20/- Even try Herbs - Tulasi,  Karoooravalli, Haldi etc..

A Garden is both therapeutic and a joy to spend time in and it really benefits all- .

In some high rise  flats I have seen  terrace gardens that have been  so well planned and developed-
see pic of Pomegranate grown  in a pot on a terrace garden in Pune.
Mylai Times had even featured a flat with a complete range of Vegetables grown on the verandah too. 
It is all possible when we have interest.

Q2- When did you get this idea & inspiration for a Nature Blog linked to Shastra and Vedic culture. 

I have always liked Nature-Also was taking Swadhyay classes in Gita at SA Sabha in earlier years.
Have a large store of data in my Archives and also pictures taken over the last 31 years . It was just a matter of editing and compiling it -to post. So finally, went in for this blog on 25th Dec. 2010 after running the nature series on personal emails only.
(My knowlede of  managing the software for such blog posts  and handling is is very limited) 

Frankly the inspiration  to have a Garden house came in 1978 -when we were looking  for a residence to live in and we were ready to build one, despite all attendant problemss. I wanted a Garden House and was prepared to work hard to achieve this from the basic level even on a shoe string budget.
So we got this going and had even named our house "Mahalakshmi"- located on Greenways Lane too.
Then, later with our friends went to Exxnora for Tree Planting support on our Road-
See earlier Blog Posts ---Location and history of the Trees grown etc are all covered

See pics attached.

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