Friday, January 28, 2011

Temple &Tree Tour, Part 3 at Jogeshwari-


The Oudamber  and the  Ashwattha tree are dear to all of India. 
The former viz.Oudamber especially to Maharashtra, which has so many saints and shrines dedicated to Shree Datta Guru -Dattatriya. This tree &fruit is symbolic in  Datta Guru  Sadhana. -

The Ashwattha all over in India in Chp X in the Viboothi Yoga- 
Sri Krishna's Upadesh:"In the trees, I am the Ashwattha tree".

All pics taken at Jogeshwari, Mumbai.

Some botanical details from the site below are reproduced-from E-How?
Ficus Racemosa Tree Description


  1. Ficus racemosa is the botanical name of this tree; it is also sometimes known as Ficus glomerata. The common names are cluster fig, clustertree, country fig, redwood fig, Indian fig, crattock and ju guo rong.


  2. Cluster fig is a tropical plant 


  3. Ficus racemosa can grow over 40 feet tall and 20 to 40 feet wide.


  4. Plant Ficus racemosa in a location that receives full sun to part shade.


  5. The oval leaves measure 3 to 4 inches long and are dark green. Because it is an evergreen tree, it does not lose its leaves.


  6. The fruit of Ficus racemosa is 3/4 inch to 2 inches long, circular and grows directly on the trunk.
Read more: Ficus Racemosa Tree Description |
I had taken pics of this Tree at Jogeshwari and close up of fruits on zoom effect on 22nd Jan 2011 -See below:

Bamboo tree -shoots grown - The Bansuri is made from the Bamboo.
The Ashwattha Tree in Jogeshwari at the Rameshwar temple -
  1. Ficus Religiosa- 

    Characteristics by Hazel Morgan, e-How Contributor

  2. Ficus religiosa is also known as the bo-tree, peepul tree and sacred fig
  3. Ficus religiosa is part of the Ficus genus, in the Moraceae family.
  4. The tree prefers full sun and hot climates and has a shallow root system. Its native environment is the Indian subcontinent (Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and Indochina (Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam). It is cultivated worldwide.
  5. Ficus religiosa is semi-evergreen which grows up to 90 feet tall and nine feet in diameter. Leaves are roughly four to seven inches long, heart-shaped with a long, extended tip. Its small fruit grow green and ripen to purple. 
  6. Characteristics of Ficus Religiosa |

Adding in the Badam tree pic taken at Santa cruz-colony.
Remarkable to see trees such as this all flourish in the city -cared for and protected GOD BLESS.

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