Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making a Difference- every bit counts in Ecoprotection -of natural resources..

The mantras all Government Bodies speak of are just 3 :

1) Sustainable development 2) Eco protection with Go Green and 
3) Conserve Resources- but so many feel this is just talk- talk or is not within their range or not their  business-

Actually quite the contrary !! Tree Planting or at least care for those trees in the vicinity and  nurturing is within reach of all-

A  simple anecdote often taken by us in HR Sessions is quoted below:

Once a man was on a beach, where countless thousands of starfish had washed up, their life and water ever so slowly ebbing into dust.A passer by  came along, and asked him:
"Hey- What are you doing ?
Why are you wasting time; Had you the rest of your life to spend doing this, you would not scratch the surface of the dying starfish. You cannot help more than a drop in the bucket. 
Why do you think that it matters?"

The man calmly, patiently, bent over, took a starfish, and threw it up in the air, arcing as it came down to splash back into the life giving water.----"It mattered to that one." 

Starfish and Surf of Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Photo source ackd with Grateful thanks-


I was listening to Vividh Bharti Radio  morning broadcast and the the last part of their  Triveni programe was from the great song " Phir Subha Hogi.It really says it all-

We live on Hope & Faith plus with some Initiative---.
Planting Trees and nurturing them in a crowded Metro needs this faith and this makes a huge difference as in the above Starfish Attitude.  

Never give up-- 


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