Thursday, January 27, 2011

Temple and Tree Tour in Mumbai -- Part 1.

28th Jan 2011.
Tree Tours in Mumbai -sounds very unfamiliar, when we think of this very crowded city with skyscrapers , but yes in this city  we saw so much Greenery in some places and starting with the colony in Jogeshwari; then at  Goregaon and earlier in Vile Parle too- please do read on-
Mumbai Nagar Chalo---Part 1
We just returned from Mumbai after  a short trip from 22nd -25th Jan 2011.
It was a nostalgia tour for my wife Sudha, who had spent part of  her child hood  there and her earlier Jogeshwari residence (1953- to 1962) which is intact and well maintained
Then to the Rameswar Mandir Saunsthan Temple, which is located just off the bustle and turmoil of a Main junction and  maintained by Kavale Math. This Mandir is dedicated to  Lord Shiva &Shree Ram. Before the sanctum sanctorum we have Nandi Vahana, the Kurma symbol, Shree Ganesh & Shree Parvati Devi; and outside  in the courtyard small shrines and vigrahas of  Sitala Devi Shree Hanuman, Shree Kala Bhairava and to Naga Devata with  the Ashwattha Sthala Vriksha at the entrance.
The temple is well maintained in the pristine order of a quiet Saraswat Settlement of Kanaras of early 50s -really quite unbelievable, with all the Trees that I could ever imagine- and sheltered in a city --no shops or disturbances on that Road. As it turned out, Mumbai is indeed a city with so many surprises and etreme opposites of old and new, side by side. I really never though thought  I will ever do a Tree Tour or Walk in Mumbai -See pics. Some what similar Trees seen also at Vile Parle & Goregaon too


 TREE PICS See Part 2-

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