Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shree Mahalakshmi -the Lotus "Padma"

The 108 names starting with Shree Prakruti namaha in stotram has apart from  
Shree Kamalaayai Namaha-
 the following names with with Padma --prefix eg 
Shree Padma priyaai, PadmaHastayai,Padmaakshyai, Padmasundaryai, Padmodhbhavayai, Padmamukhayai, Padmanabhapriyai,Padmamaaladhaarayai, Padminyai, Padmagandhinyai-NAMAHA, -- 10 names.
Shree Mahaakshmi cha Vidmahi Vishnu pathni cha deemahi,
Tanno Lakshmi prachodayat
This is the most loved of all Shree Mahalakshmi's paintings -seen in most homes.This Painting is by Shri.Gangadhar S.Kodikal, my maternal uncle, retd.  Drawing Teacher from Udipi Board High School;A master in oil paintings and acclaimed in the State. 

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  1. nice post! at home I chant mahalakshmi stotram once a day which had changed my life...