Saturday, January 8, 2011

RELIGION is derived from –Re-Ligare-Going back to Nature.

9th Jan 2011.
The expression Religion sees many, many meanings –disputed.
However, this has great value :
"RELIGION is derived from –Re-Ligare" i.e.To Go back to our real state to our Soul. Our own roots  by a Search Out process –seek out.
This in fact is taught  in our Vedanta Institute classes.

                                           Beach at Ullal- at Sunset.2009

We are getting on in years and just cannot  waste time on acrimony or what ever—as so many issues and debates  prevail today. 
If we try to understood what Religion means -literally, we will have less strife- and hateful exchanges.
My experience, especially over the last decade has turned me more to commune with Nature and am in a mission to go back to Roots –
Nature is an integral part in our Vedas also.
In fact every Faith has it and the West has taken it up in Environmental Protection series all across.But here again, dissent is seen amongst nations and a few people; and countries-the Copenhagen Green Talks in end of 2009 Dec. was a flop-show really. 
No matter, -we have our free will and choice to take our own courses 

In 2009-2010, was doing the nature series in emails to friends and then in a group doc. in FaceBook titled  "Pancha Mahabhoots -5 elements".
 After all we all go there one day  -5 elements earth, water, fire, air and  space.

Nature Blog -something that I was working on for some time & planning for the whole  of 2009 year- Initially started in Emails , then Face Book-now at :  
since 25th December 2010

Abt 24 blog posts have been added so far-
Meanwhile-this is what I believe in.

In the soil of friendship
- sow some seed each day,
Little seeds of kindness
- to all who come your way,
Many folks are lonely
- many folks are sad,
Do your bit to cheer them
- help to make them glad.

One day there will be branches spreading all around,
And you will really be surprised
at the joy you have found,
Just because you have done your bit
- helped by the ONE above,
To build a tree of happiness
a tree whose roots are love.


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