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Shirdi Sai Baba- and the Neem Tree at Guru Sthan -

OM Shree Sainatha Namaha    
TR- Swadhyaya -"Prakruti Mother Nature "  dt.Thursday, dt 6th Jan 201.
WE did the Shirdi Teerth Yatra in Oct 2010.

From source:

Sai Baba Arrival

Quote-Sai Baba sat under the Neem tree as if he was rooted to the ground. He was, in a way, because the neem tree stood at the spot which was his gurusthan, or abode of (his) gurus.

The neem tree itself was behind the old masjid (mosque).

He first manifested Himself as a young lad of sixteen under a Neem tree in Shirdi, for the sake of Bhaktas
The simple natives of Shirdi wondered who this young lad was who sat under the tree in deep meditation, foregoing food, even water. It was the curiosity and concern on the part of Bayajabai, wife of Kote Patil the village chief, that made her occasionally enquire after the lad's welfare, and soon she started bringing food for him. Thus grew a bond between Sai and Bayajabai, which took on shades of mother-son belonging
As Ashwattha and Audumbar trees are held sacred, Baba regarded this Neem tree equally sacred and loved it most. Mhalasapati and other Shirdi devotees regard this site as the resting place (Samadhi-Sthana) of Baba's Guru and prostrate before it.

Three Wadas

(1) The site with the Neem tree and surrounding space was bought by Mr. Hari Vinayak Sathe, and on this site a big building styled Sathe's Wada was erected. This Wada was the sole resting place for pilgrims, who flocked there. A Par (platform) was built round the neem tree and lofts with steps were constructed. Under the steps, there is a niche facing South and devotees sit on the Par (platform) facing north. It is believed, that he who burns
incense there, on Thursday and Friday evenings will, by God's grace, be happy.
Guru Sthan Neem Tree

Guru Sthan Neem Tree
This Neem tree was planted by Sai Baba which still 
existsand a person still feels as relaxed sitting under this tree as he used to earlier.


  1. FROM Sources:
    The Neem Tree Under Which Baba Used To Meditate
    Shri Sai Baba came to Shridhi with a marriage procession.
    He stayed at Dwarkamai till the very end of his life.
    Dwarkamai is situated on the right side of the entrance of
    Samadhi Mandir. Here he solved problems of the people, cured their sickness and worries. Before Baba's arrival in Shridhi,
    Dwarkamai was an old mosque in a dilapidated condition.
    Baba turned it into Dwarkamai and proved that God is one.

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