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SANKARANTI-Pongal Project of Jan 2011-Trees-Plants - Nature and Children

Trees-Plants - Nature and Children
REF - 15th Jan 2011 Pongal Project

Om Vrikshanam Pataye Namah-
Om Vrikshe Namaha -- Om Harikeshe Namah

The Sri Rudram, Shree VS & Shree LS is replete with Divinity manifested in Nature -eg. Om Jagat Vyapine Namaha in Shiva Ashtottara-73 namavalli

The Dance of Divinity –(note inspired by CCMT)
The dancing and swaying of trees esp tall coconut trees in the wind. Observe all trees and plants on a windy day or when a gentle breeze sets in. The long branches and leaves resemble the hair -locks of Lord Shiva in Sri Rudram.This Cosmic vision is what our ancients saw in all of Nature –Prakruti; thus eco systems was not just revered, but also Worshipped, as Manifestations of the Divine.

The 5 Elements, the very Earth- sand, stone & clay and all in which the roots of a tree are grounded, the sun that keeps us all alive, all animals,  birds, insects.

We humans are a part of this system and must Respect our ecosystems. See the speech of a wise Red Indian Chieftain Seattle to the US Govt.on Land owning (see next post). 

REF: What we can do

For "Sankaranti 'Pongal" - Jan 2011
Project :Trees,Plants - Nature and Children--

1) Nurture own Garden with greater Care.
2) Nurture Trees on our Road with Greater care- Community Development 
3) Distribute Tulasi or suitable plant in small pots (suited for Flats / Verandahs) on special days
4) Organise Tree Tours/Talks (with a Botanist) ; presentations in suited forums.
5) Involve schools and take up “Children Connect with Nature”- by kindling interest through Nature tours , picnics , parks, growing plants and caring for a small garden -even a few small potted plants and Adopt or Plant a Tree Project in association with organised Forums as a Volunteer. 
This makes a difference in eco protection and helps in so many ways, apart from adding beauty
 Many flowers and herbs can be grown ina small patch-
 The Sun -Pratyaksha Devata -in Sankaranti "Om Surya Namaha "
Pic from our Prabhat Somnath (Gujarat)  Teerth Yatra -PSTY
 The Farmers feeds us and in fact-- the whole  World -We depends on them for food; Respect them
The Guru Guides us -Taken at Prabhat Somnath (Gujarat)  Teerth Yatra -PSTY
See water storage and conservation in such areas with Step Wells.(next post)
 The Peepul Trees at Gulwady Village-near our shrine to our Ancestors.
The earth, the sea, the  sky & clouds at Monsoon time -pic taken near my house on the beach.
All a part of the wonderful ecosystem
Our home "Mahalakshmi"- -covered in Green foliage -pic taken after Rains--

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