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NEEM --Thanksgiving to this great tree and all others.

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"Vriksha Rakshathi Rakshitaha" - from Shree Sathya Sai  Baba  
The Neem Tree  is seen all over in South India esp in Temples, Housing colonies and schools. It grows easily and has immense value and in every respect inc pollution control and is recognised in medicinal treatment.

The noble Neem Tree has been often overlooked in Modern life where  nature -trees and plants "per se"   are seldom observed or cared for in the busy life of commuting in traffic. 
However, Chennai is a very unique Metro and despite the hot climate and water problems etc. sees many avid Tree Lovers and Growers-who grow trees and nurture them.
In fact it is a more Green Metro than realised- Take a Tree Walk in most localities. Especially in South Chennai to find out for yourself please-it will be a wonderful surprise. Nizhal and a few others also organise such tree tours and talks by experts. 

About 32 years ago, we had moved to this very isolated vacant area, built a house with a few others and   had nurtured a garden with flowers and trees.
As time went by with development, many of the owners of other houses and flats in the locality also planted saplings and developed small gardens.
Then about 18 years ago, with the very kind support and assistance of EXXNORA, we all had jointly arranged and planted about 20 Saplings of different tree varieties. Today they have grown tall and it is a veritable woodland- lane in a crowded area
See photographs.Despite some difficuty as exists in metros with much overcrowding, most of these hardy resilient Trees managed and grew tall -now are  a beautiful sight to behold and a great joy, give shade and an invaluable  partner in  air pollution control.  
This is all in line with the Vana Mohotasva initiated in the 50s & 60s. for Eco Protection.
Our sincere thanks to EXXNORA and  personnel who helped us in the Tree Project. 

Some of the Trees planted later like the ones below include the Neem & Peepul  planted side by side growing together is a popular south Indian tradition -see below.
Neem & Peepul at entrance to Greenways Lane-Chennai 600028

Cultivation : WE have even grown it in our compound, since 1980.
Thanks to nature spreading seeds in our house. 
The Neem tree grows easily as the seeds are well distributed by birds and squirrels which eat the fruit and drop seeds.
Today our Neem Tree stand 40 feet tall on our south side.   
It needs little water, mainly space and plenty of sunlight and respect .
The Neem  easily grows in the dry, stony, shallow and clayey soils. 
It just needs space.It grows slowly during the first year of planting.

Tree planting of a Neem is a worthwhile exercise and can be improved and propagated through the seeds and cuttings.
Many countries have been consistently growing the Neem tree to help against the global warming effects. The worldwide Neem Foundation has helped in making more people aware about the importance of neem and its uses globally.

Usage of Neem is immense-  
Each part of the neem tree has intrinsic value.It's uses include: 
Medicinal, Disinfectant, Herbicide, Insecticide, Cosmetics -toothpaste, soap etc- and so many more but especially--
Cleaning the air which we breathe.(Read the scientific explanation) 

Sri Vrikshe Namaha -Salutations to the Tree.  

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  1. The Neem Tree details-
    Neem Tree
    Kingdom : Plantae
    Division Magnoliophyta
    Class: Magnoliopsida
    Order : Sapindales
    Family : Meliaceae
    Genus : Azadirachta
    Species : A. indica
    Scientific Name : Azadirachta indica

    Medicinal uses : The indigenous people of Nilgiris consume the dried and powered tubulers of the terrestrial orchids as an energizing tonic. Neem also holds medicinal value. Each part of neem is used in the medicines. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for more than 4000 years. Neem oil extracted from its seeds is used in medicines, pest control and cosmetics etc. Its leaves are used in the treat Chickenpox..

    Other uses : People in India use its twigs to brush their teeth. Neem is considered as the useful tree in rehabilitating the waste land areas. Neem seed pulp is useful for methane gas production. It is also useful as carbohydrate which is rich base for other industrial fermentations. Neem bark contains tannins which are used in tanning and dyeing. In south India its wood is used to make the furniture. The bark of the yields the fiber that is woven into ropes. Neem cake is widely used in India as fertilizer for sugarcane, vegetable and other cash crops.

    Many details available at this site-


    For Medicinal uses

  4. Grateful ack & Thanks to

    The following curative properties are ascribed to the Neem tree:

    (i) The Neem tree is an air purifier. It can rid the air of harmful microorganisms that cause infections.

    (ii) It is a fumigant and a disinfectant.

    (iii) The bitter tonic obtained from its root, bark and leaves is used to detoxify the body, which is reduced as ama in Ayurveda.

    Therefore Neem oil is used in the treatment of flatulence and indigestion.

    (iv) Neem is so bitter that even herbivores do not feed on it. That explains why it is used as a nontoxic pesticide. If grown in the farm with other crops, the Neem discharges bitter oils into the ground. This enters the crops and makes them internally fortified. This is a permanent protection for the crops.

    (v) Neem acts as an insecticide.

    (vi) Neem helps in the removal of catarrhal matter from the bronchial tubes and thus heals respiratory problems.

    (vii) Neem is used in the treatment of numerous skin problems.

  5. Thanks for your efforts.We are reaping the benefits of it.