Thursday, January 27, 2011

Temple and Tree Tour Part 2

Mumbai Nagar Chalo-
TREE WALK -TOUR See pictures esp at Jogeshwari in Part 2.
Oudamber tree with berries-
Mango tree with flowers before it blooms, Bamboo, Banana & Bimbla tree.
Ashwattha and Banyan trees all across-  everywhere in Mumbai areas seen.
Even a Nagalinga "Champe" Tree with fruit which is called the  Cannonball tree as the fruit resembles a cannonball, in a Flat to a height of 4 floors. 
The Marvels of nature to behold is truly wonderful. 
So many wonderful trees in a crowded city - Manifestation of the Divine-
"Om Shree Prakruti Namaha" --Salutations to the kind Mother and plants all having the care and  Blessings of the local guardian deities at ShreeRameshwar Mandir nearby,  plus the very eco friendly residents of Jogeshwari. 

Offerings pushpam, patra and oil at Kala Bhairava -Lord Shiva's Guardian form ( Ghora Roopa )-
Namasthe Shiva Roopaya Bhairavaya
Ashwattha "Sthala Vriksha" at entrance-Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chp X, Viboothis of the Divine: 
states "In the Trees - I am the Ashwattha Tree"
My respects and credit to the local residents who had the foresight to plant such a wide range of trees and care for them through the last 50 years -Salutations .

WE returned late night 25th quite tired ..exhausted really-with our health limits;  
But happy with the Mumbai nagar Chalo--must try again.

The genius of life is to carry the spirit of childhood into old age.”
~ Aldous Huxley 
Offering prayers at Shree Hanuman Vigraha (Saturday)
Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram
Outside Shree Rameshwar Mandir

 Oudamber tree with Fruit Vegetation at Jogeshwari
 Bimbla tree

Vegetation at Jogeshwari
Vegetation at Jogeshwari

 Nagalinga -'Nag Champe' tree at Goregaon, with fruit

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